As seen on TV - collage 2010

Bernie Slater

My work focuses on political and social issues. A lot of my work involves defacing surfaces such as magazines, advertising and packaging through drawing and printmaking, but I also work with photography, digital media, sculpture and using found and new objects. 

I grew up in Canberra’s punk scene of the 90’s, where I developed an appreciation for cheeky mischief, self publishing and Do-It-Yourself culture. I've exhibited widely in many locations across Australia, and have been featured in art journals such as Art Monthly Australia, Artlink, Imprint and Australian Art Collector. 

I currently teach Visual Arts at Canberra Institute of Technology, as well as working on my independent art practice. 

I'm part of the Canberra Zine Emporium - we have a zine vending machine and run zine fairs, stalls and workshops.

I also play in an acoustic folk/punk band called Click Cult.